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Who We Are

About TratoIndia

TratoIndia.com; A Venture promoted by Company Secretaries; is ranked unanimously amongst the India's leading online portal when it comes to Business & IPR Registration and obtaining Regulatory Licenses. We understand that your time is precious and thus starting a new business or protecting your Intellectual Property or obtaining various Regulatory Licenses & Approvals can be very long winded, confusing and painful. That's what we are here for, to make these all incredibly simple and effortless so as to give your business a kick start to grow and manage your business successfully.

At the outset, we offer services across all stages of development being experienced by a business entity since its incorporation to ever growing stages of business modulation. No matter, you are just thinking to start a business or standing at the helm of an emerging business having high growth, we cater your needs as well as the laws that govern them working as a key-partner in managing your business.

At TratoIndia.com, we are committed to building close and productive relationships by not only providing you with the customized services for your business needs; but equally conceptualize and tailor every element of your requirements at its finest. We understand our client's business based on their industry type so that we can address their specific issues with ease focusing on possibilities; not limitations. Most importantly, we endeavour to earn our client's trust and help them get rid of the regulatory licensing and compliances part which is must for the successful growth navigating the regulatory environment.

Our team work closely with clients which enable us to gain ample insight into their corporate culture with the true view of their goals. Irrespective of the size and nature of our clients business, we incorporate the most appropriate attraction strategy to ensure high quality professional services at one click as we are available every time you need expert advice.

At last; we differentiate ourselves through service quality by adopting an advisory role way beyond mere business registration and licensing. That is Business is not only about balance sheets - it's about the touch and feel, the people, the problems, the brand and the professional ethos.

Speak to our team to discover the advantages, TratoIndia.com can give your business grow faster.

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