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Close A LLP

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Closing a LLP

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is legal entity created by process of law and therefore it can only be closed by following the process set up law. If you are not into business since more than one year and have no secured loans, you can close your LLP. TratoIndia.com will help you with the documentation, process and approvals from various govt departments.

Our Process

This is how our process works from when you provide the necessary details for closing your LLP.





Process Involved

LLP Review

We will first review the compliance status of your LLP and advise you on processes accordingly.

Documents Preparation

After reviewing the compliance status of your LLP, we will prepare application forms and documents such as Statement of Accounts, Indemnity Bonds, Affidavits, Board and Shareholder’s Resolutions etc. and submit it on the MCA Portal for the approval of Registrar of Companies.

Liaison with MCA

After application submission, we will liaison with the MCA, Income Tax Departments and other govt departments for obtaining their approval and no objection and will keep you updated on the process.

Why Us?

Top reasons to choose TratoIndia.com for closing your LLP

Promoted by CS

We are promoted & managed by Company Secretaries. We are not registration consultants with a niche website. We offer you service that registration consultants & similar online registration companies cannot

No Hidden Charges, No Surprises

We believe in transparency and therefore there are no hidden fees with us. We understand that the price you pay for a product or service matters - that's why we always clearly mention all the costs and possible fees that can be associated with any of our product or services. You never have to pay anything more than the price listed in our website for any service.

Quality Assured

We make sure that you do not leave anything by chance or ignorance. We give you warranty for any of our products or services against any filing defects or errors caused by us for life. Whenever it comes to notice that we were responsible for the defects or errors, we will absorb any costs necessary to correct the mistake at the earliest.


Our services are priced competitively, which is offering serious value for giving a kick start your idea. You will always pay less with us than almost anyone else because we are dedicated to change the perception that high - quality legal services must come with a high price tag.

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