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Patent Registration

We are committed for the security & confidentiality of your data, idea, research papers, process & innovations. Therefore we advise you to sign a Non – Disclosure Agreement with us before we begin with your application. Our Patent Law Services are appreciated by inventors, discoverers, startups and Companies.

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The patent rights relating to a specific and unique idea, product, method or process, apparatus or device, or other material, give the owner of these an exclusive right to use the patented things for commercial business or other purposes, for a specified period of time in the future, usually 20 years from the date of patent registration. Any other individual, company, business, entrepreneur, or businessman, who tries to make use of such invention or discovery for his/her benefits illegally, will do nothing but commit infringement against this patent (and is therefore, punishable). The right brands will win the hearts and minds of consumers and customers. The right Patent will prevent other exploiting your inventions, or provide a substantial barrier to market access. It is also to be noted that the patents are valid only within the territory where they have been granted.

Steps to Get Patent Registration

This is how our process works from when you provide the necessary details for filing your Patent Application.

Place an Order

After you place an Order with us and complete our online application, we will assign an Account Manager and a Nodal Officer to you. Our Account Manager will complete all formalities without requiring you to be present anywhere.

Application Filing

We ensure that all the information you provided during the order process meets the requirements. We file your Patent application. Now we wait for the IP Office internal process and keep you posted on all stage of development.

Application Tracking

We prepare and file all replies, affidavits, declarations, supporting documents as requested by the Design's Office in support of your Design application for getting it registered. Processing time is 3-5 years.

Patent Registered

The Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trademarks accepts your application and grants patent to your invention, product or process and you drive away happily.

Patent Registration

Price starting from 42,999 onwards

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