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Provisional Patent

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A provisional patent application can be filed when any invention is not final & is still under development. Once a provisional patent application is filed, the applicant gets twelve months time to complete the invention and check the commercial viability of the invention & to file a permanent application for grant of patent with the office of Comptroller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks. In case the application for permanent patent is not made within the prescribed time of twelve month, the provisional application will die or go abandoned. A provisional application ensures that the applicant would get the permanent application over any other application which has been filed for the same invention by someone else.

Advantages of Provisional Patent

Registering a patent can have many advantages for the person or entity, some of which are: -

  • The applicant is granted exclusive rights to the invention which prevents others from making use of the invention, product or process;
  • The patent can be commercialized through sale or by providing licenses;
  • The patent can be used for publicity or sponsorship;
  • The Patent can be used as collateral security for obtaining debt finance from banks and financial institutions;
  • The patent helps increase the brand value of a business;
  • A registered patent helps in expanding market share and even discover new markets.

Provisional Patent

Price starting from 15,500 onwards

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