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In India, about 80% of trademark applications die or go abandoned. Trademark registration is more complicated than it seems & most applications by non – experts fail. So if you actually have to register & protect your trademark, then you should try us.

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A Trademark Registration is a distinct and unique sign or indicator used by an individual, a business company or enterprise for the purpose of distinguishing its unique and quality products or services from other companies or organizations. A Trademark Registration can be any one, or a combination of the elements as a word or even a letter, a name, a number, phrase, symbol, graphic, design, image, logo, shape, sound, or even smell.

The trademark registration of one's goods, products, or services, is essential for unique identity and dignity, and most profitable commercial business of any sector. We help businesses of all sectors of economy through a wide range of legal services, including trademark registration, in India and abroad, at quite reasonable charges.

Our Trademark Registration Packages

We have different packages for you; select the packages from below which best suits your requirement!

All Inclusive


  • In the Basic Package, we provide all services necessary to file an application for Trademark Registration such as a Conflict Check and Search, Advising on suitable class, Preparation and filing of Application by an IPR expert and tracking or your trademark application and providing updates on the status of Trademark Application till the time of final registration.
All Inclusive


  • In the Standard Package, it includes everything in the Basic Package plus Customized Trademark Search & Analysis Report, Opinion Letter regarding registrability of your Trademarks, Preparation and filing of replies to the Examination report and Personal Appearance of Trademark Attorney upto 2 times before the Registrar of Trademark of final registration.
All Inclusive


  • In the Premium Package, it includes everything in the Standard Package plus some additional services viz. Personal appearance of attorney for hearing before the Registrar of Trademarks till the final registration, Handling of Opposition proceedings and Cease & Desist Notices, Sample Cease and Desist Letter, Sample Trademark Assignment Letter and Trademark Watch Services for One year after registration.

Our Working Process

This is how our process works from when you provide the necessary details for filing your trademark application

Order & Search

You fill our online application and we run a conflict check and perform a customized trademark search and we provide you our Search & Analysis Report along with our Opinion Letter. Then you decide, if you want to proceed with registration or requests for search report on some other trademarks.

Application Preparation & Filing

We prepare and file your trademark application with the Registrar of Trademarks. Now we wait for the Trademark‘s Office internal process and keep you updated on all stage of development.

Application Tracking

We prepare and file all replies, affidavits, declarations, supporting documents as requested by the Trademark‘s Office in support of your trademark application for getting it registered.

Trademark Registered

The Registrar of Trademarks registers your trademarks and you drive away happily!

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Trademark registration is more complicated than it seems. It's very easy to prepare...


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A registered trademark comes with several advantages and provides more protection than an unregistered trademark


In India, about 80% of trademark applications die or go abandoned. Trademark registration is more complicated than it seems and most applications by non – experts fail. So if you just have to file a trademark application that ends up dead or abandoned, do it yourself or use another service. But if you actually have to register and protect your trademark, then you should try us.

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