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Trademark Renewal

Trademark registration is valid for 10 years only. Upon expiry you can renew it for another period of ten years & enjoy benefits of renewal.
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Trademark Registration is granted for 10 years time only. Upon expiry you can renew it for indefinite period of time. Every time a renewal application is filed and accepted by the Registrar of Trademarks, it shall be renewed for another period of 10 years. Ideally renewal application should be filed before the expiry of trademark. However, if a renewal application is not filed before the expiry of trademark, it may be removed by the Registrar of Trademarks. In this case, an application for restoration and renewal shall be filed within 1 year time expiry. TratoIndia.com's experienced Intellectual Property Experts can help you renew and restore your registered trademark at rock bottom prices that too completely online.

Our Process

This is how our process works from when you provide the necessary details for filing your trademark renewal & restoration application


Application Filing

Application Tracking

Trademark Renewed

Why Us?

Top reasons to choose TratoIndia.com for your Trademark Renewal


We are promoted & managed by Company Secretaries. Company Secretaries are recognized as an expert in Trademark and Intellectual Property Rights laws and by-default Trademark Attorneys, so, unlike registration consultants; we offer legal advice on trademarks and other intellectual property laws. Our trademark registration packages are priced competitively. You will always pay less with us than almost anyone else because we are dedicated to change the perception that high – quality legal services must come with a high price tag.


Let's face it. Many of us are unaware that the trademark registration process is complicated and actually a legal proceeding. When you file a trademark application, it goes through rigorous review at the office of Registrar of Trademarks, to determine if your trademark application be accepted and registered or not. Here not hiring an expert on trademark law related issued to assist you can prove to be dangerous. Therefore, wrong turns can be costly.


Trademark registration is more complicated than it seems. It's very easy to prepare & file a trademark application. But it's hard to prepare & file a Trademark Application that will be accepted by the Registrar of Trademarks & go all the way to registration. In India, about 80% of trademark applications die or go abandoned. So if you just have to file a trademark application that ends up dead or abandoned, do it yourself or use another service. But if you actually have to register & protect your trademark, then you should try us. We make sure that you do not leave anything by chance or ignorance.


Our simple online documentation & ordering process makes it incredibly simple to file your trademark application & protect it from infringements. Our online ordering process walks you through each of the steps and prompts you for all the necessary details to get the process running & gives you the convenience of filling your trademark application from the office or home & from any device e.g. computers, tablets or smart phones. Our online ordering process takes just ten minutes to complete.

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