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Trust Formation

With easy, hassle – free process and transparent see through pricing, formation of your trust has become fast, incredibly simple and affordable with us. Therefore, our Trust Formation and NGO Consultancy services are appreciated by our clients for their timely completion and without any obstructions.

Trust can be registered by simply registering a Trust Deed with the Sub – Registrar's office having jurisdiction over the registered office of the proposed trust.

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Trust is a special form of organization. The major laws governing Trusts are “The Indian Trust Act, 1882”. In India, there are enabling legal provisions which permit any group wanting to commence a non-profit, voluntary or charitable work to organize themselves into a legal entity by registering themselves under a specified Act. From the date of registration they are treated as a legal entity, the organization acquires legal status to sue and/or be sued as a separate and distinct “person” but with no physical existence. Minimum two persons one as Settler and one as Trustee is required for formation of a trust. Trust can have additional person as president, vice-president and Secretary. The application for registration of a trust shall contain the following particulars:

  • Particulars of documents creating the trust;
  • Objects of the trust;
  • Sources of income of the trust;
  • Particulars of encumbrances, if any, on trust property;
  • Particulars of the scheme, if any, relating to the trust;
  • Particulars of title deeds pertaining to trust’s property;
  • The name and addresses of the Trustees and managers.

Steps to Get a Trust Registered

4 Steps to get a Trust registered. We'll email you at different points in the process or you can check the status of your order anytime in our Online Status Centre.

Place an Order

After you place an Order with us and complete our online application, we will assign an Account Manager and a Nodal Officer to you. Our Account Manager will complete all formalities.

Information Check

We ensure that all the information you provided during the order process meets the requirements for trust registration. We'll contact you before we prepare the Trust Deed if we see any issues.

Application Filing

Your Account Manager will prepare and file Trust Deed with the Sub – registrar having jurisdiction and will be available to answer any questions via phone or email. Processing times vary upon state to state, but can be fulfilled within 5–7 days with expedited service.

Getting Registered

We will keep you updated throughout the process. We provide constant communication and real time notifications as we process your application. We will make sure that original copy of registered trust deed is shipped to you on time.

Documents required for Trust Formation

Trust formation process, documentation, fee may vary based on states. Below is the common list of documents and information required for Trust registration: -

  • Three options of Name of the Trust in the order of preference;
  • Trust Deed, details Objects of the trust should be mentioned in Trust Deed;
  • Three parties i.e., Settler, Trustees, Witnesses and Beneficiaries of the Trust are required for the Trust formation;
  • Aadhar Card and pan card mandatory of Settler, Trustee, Witness and Beneficiary, if any;
  • Stamp duty of Contribution required to be paid;
  • 2 photograph each of Author, Trustee and Beneficiary;
  • Water bill or House tax receipt as address proof of Regd. Office of Trust;
  • Settler, Trustee, Witnesses and Beneficiary must be physically present at concerned Registrar's Office along with two witness.

Trust Formation

Price starting from 7,999 onwards

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