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Why TratoIndia

Why TratoIndia

Promoted by Company Secretaries

We are managed by Company Secretaries. Company Secretaries are regulated professionals and are considered expert in corporate and business law related matters. We are not registration consultants with a niche website. We offer you service that registration consultants and similar online registration companies cannot. We advise you at every step since incorporation and help you choose right form of business and manage your business in accordance with the law of land.

Meet the Team

No Hidden Charges, No Surprises

We believe in transparency and therefore there are no hidden fees with us. We understand that the price you pay for a product or service matters - that's why we always clearly mention all the costs and possible fees that can be associated with any of our product or services. We have designed various calculators, which helps you calculate the entire cost (Government Fee, Our Fee and Applicable Taxes) associated with our products or services well in advance. You never have to pay anything more than the price listed in our website for any service.

Fastest & Easy

From obtaining digital signature certificate and DIN to obtaining Certificate of Incorporation, we move fast so your business gets registered within weeks - with very little efforts from you! We have made incorporations simple, easy, quick and transparent with our online tools, calculators and online ordering process. You can now quickly incorporate online with TratoIndia.com in 4 simple steps. Generally, after providing the necessary details, your work is done - We do the rest. Quality Assured

We make sure that you do not leave anything by chance or ignorance. We give you warranty for any of our products or services against any filing defects or errors caused by us for life. Whenever it comes to notice that we were responsible for the defects or errors, we will absorb any costs necessary to correct the mistake at the earliest.

Completely Online Process

Our simple online documentation and ordering process makes it incredibly simple to avail legal services to start and manage your business. Our online tools and resources help you understand law and compliance requirements of your business. We are intelligent combination of legal and IT experts and using Information Technology to revolutionize corporate and business law service industry. Our online ordering process walks you through each of the steps and prompts you for all the necessary details to get the process running and gives you the convenience of filling forms and providing necessary details from the office or home from any device. Our online ordering process takes just ten minutes to complete.


Our services are priced competitively, which is offering serious value for giving a kick start your idea. You will always pay less with us than almost anyone else because we are dedicated to change the perception that high - quality legal services must come with a high price tag.

Secure Payments

We are promoted by legal professionals with In-House IT Team, which makes us unique combination of legal and IT professionals. Our IT teams works hard to keep our systems, your personal data 100% secure and reliable.

100% Satisfaction

We are passionate about delivering excellence and quality services. No matter you are just thinking to start a business or standing at the helm of an emerging business enterprise having high growth potential or learning about options available to you, we are always ready to help you start, manage or stay compliant over time.

We feel proud to see a happy you!

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